State not qualified

If you took the generic version of Zantac and do not reside in California, Illinois, Massachusetts or Vermont, we are unforutnately unable to assist you in litigating your case.

Please note: if you now reside in another state but lived in one of the above states and you took generic versions of Zantac there, please call us at (888) 818-8955 so we can further look into you case.

Court case for generic drug litigation makes claims harder

On June 23, 2011, the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion regarding generic drug company liability. The case (Mensing v. Wyeth) involved two individuals who took the generic form of a pharmaceutical drug known to cause certain injuries. The issue in the case was whether generic drug companies can be held liable for failing to update their product label to reflect appropriate warnings about the risk of developing an injury associated with using the drug. Currently, about 75% of all prescriptions filled in this country are filled with generic drugs.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that generic drug companies do not have any liability for harm caused to those who ingested the generic drug. The decision was generally divided along party lines, with the conservative justices finding that generic drug companies should not be held liable and the more progressive justices finding that generic drug companies should be held responsible for the harm caused to people who use their drug. Unfortunately, based on this U.S. Supreme Court decision, we are unable to hold generic drug manufacturers liable and therefore cannot pursue a claim on your behalf.

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