California traffic tickets fall into two categories: moving violations and non-moving violations. Any violation occurring while your vehicle is in motion is considered a moving violation, such as speeding, illegal turns, ignoring stop signs, passing a red light, hit and run, DUI/DWI offense, driving without a seat-belt and so on. Others are in the category of non-moving violations. Parking illegally, parking more than 18 inches from the curb, parking while blocking a fire hydrant, parking in a fire lane, not having vehicle registration or insurance, tinted windows that are darker than it is legal, faulty equipment, illegal lights on the vehicle, and illegal modifications are some of the non-moving violations. You might get pulled over by an officer and get a ticket for some of the non-moving violations like tinted windows and illegal lights.

Usually, the fines are heavier for moving violations, as they are more dangerous and are capable of turning into accidents and causing damages to people and properties. You could lose your California driver’s license and in some cases go to jail for these violations.

California traffic tickets are also divided into infractions and misdemeanors or felonies. Infractions are not considered crimes and generally, you only have to pay a fine for them. You won’t have to go to jail, pay very heavy fines or go to a trial by jury for an infraction. Non-moving violations and some of the moving violations that are not dangerous fall into the category of infractions. On the other hand, DUI/DWI offense, reckless driving, hit and run, fleeing the scene of the accident and some more dangerous violations are considered felonies or misdemeanors. You have the right to a trial for these violations and you can have an attorney representing you in the court. For a misdemeanor you have to either pay a fine or you may have to go to the county jail for up to one year. However, for felonies, you would be imprisoned in a state jail.

Some California traffic tickets are fix-it tickets. You will receive a ticket, but the fine would be waived if you fix the problem. Tinted windows, missing plate and broken lights are some of the violations you would get fix-it tickets for.

You always have the right to contest your ticket. You can plead not guilty and go to court to fight for it. You can also pay your fine and in some cases go to traffic school to avoid having too many points on your record.

California Traffic Ticket for Commercial Drivers for commercial drivers differs to some extent from the law for non-commercial drivers. The fact that a high number of accidents involve commercial vehicles has made the laws much stricter for commercial drivers. Many of the citations are considered misdemeanors for CDL holders and have more points on their record. Unfortunately, commercial drivers cannot attend traffic school to eliminate these points. Therefore, they can lose their license and probably their job. Call (888) 818-8955 and one of our traffic lawyers will help you.