Tax Relief Companies and Potential Legal Action

Potential Lawsuit Information Regarding Tax Relief companies

Optima Tax Relief, LLC, is a Santa Ana, California company, and a subsidiary of Optima Financial Group, LLC. Current and former customers of Optima tax Relief, LLC, may be entitled to compensation as the firm is the subject of numerous consumer complaints alleging that the company has engaged in deceptive business practices, and made misleading statements in its advertisements.

Optima Tax Relief, LLC, makes advertising claims offering to perform the following services for its customers:

  • Stopping IRS collections actions
  • Assistance in paying taxes owed to the IRS
  • Settlement of consumers’ tax debt by negotiating or litigating with the IRS

Complaints against Optima Tax Relief allege that the company over-promised their ability to reduce customers’ owed tax amounts, and potentially deceived consumers who sought assistance with their outstanding tax debt. Optima has allegedly charged clients prices into the thousands of dollars, in exchange for the promise of lowering or erasing IRS tax debt. Mounting consumer complaints against Optima allege that the company failed to live up to the task of mitigating consumer IRS debt and instead penalties and interest accumulated in the process, along with Optima’s fees.

Potential Legal Damages Against Optima Tax Relief

Potential damages against Optima Tax Relief, LLC, could take any of these forms:

  • Illegal collection services to collect unpaid in-house fees
  • Misrepresentation of sales people as “tax professionals.”
  • Falsely claiming to employ personnel with special legal qualifications
  • Deceptive billing practices, hidden fees
  • Delayed client actions indefinitely while pressuring customers to pay more fees

This page is intended as an information resource for consumers who feel they might have a claim regarding one or more of the above practices.

Consumer Complaints Regarding Optima Tax Relief

Currently as of this writing, complaints about this company tally as follows:

  • Yelp – 256 “not recommended” reviews
  • BBB – 658 complaints

Tax Resolution Professionals has a public investigation information page detailing how Optima Tax Relief is a subsidiary of a much larger network of end consumer financial mitigation service companies. These companies include DebtAmerica, which was investigated by the New York State Attorney General, in a legal action which resulted in fines against the company totaling over $3.6 million.

Do You Suspect That You Might Have a Claim Against Optima Tax Relief, LLC?

If you paid money to Optima Tax Relief for services that were not rendered as promised, or were otherwise treated unfairly by Optima Tax Relief in violation of commercial law, you may have been a victim of fraud. If you believe that you have been a victim of disreputable business practices by Optima Tax Relief, call us at (888) 818-8955 , or fill out our contact form below.